Make Your Own, “Egg McMuffins”

Boy, do I go through food phases. There was one point that I had Quaker’s maple brown sugar instant oatmeal with peanut butter and ground flaxseed for probably a year straight… It was until Quaker changed their original recipe to a lower sugar recipe that it all changed. I didn’t like the new flavor and stopped eating the oatmeal every morning. I know, I know, they have gone back to their original recipe. Still not the same. I haven’t had instant oatmeal for maybe a few months now. Doesn’t do anything for my tastebuds at the time being. I can’t say that I won’t ever get in that food phase again, because it could very well happen.

Even though I go through many food phases…or dietetically speaking, I have “food jags” where I pretty much will only eat one food…I also go through food droughts, especially for breakfast. Lately I have been struggling to find a healthy breakfast that satisfies both my tastebuds and keeps me full. I decided to try these “Egg McMuffins” inspired by The Yummy Life. I decided to try them mostly for my husband who loves his McDonald’s Egg McMuffins but probably can only count the number of these sandwiches he’s had since we’ve been together on one hand–or so I think! The reason I say I tried them for him is because I hate eggs. Can’t stand the smell, can’t stand the taste. I’ve never liked them. But a traumatic experience last year with hospital scrambled eggs has left me scared for life. I don’t intend on trying them again anytime soon. Don’t push me.

Even though I can’t stand the smell of eggs, I still attempt to make them for my husband. Now tuna, that’s never happening. Don’t worry, he knew it from the start. Sorry, cutie…

Anyway, I decided to make some with eggs for him, and some without for myself. They turned out pretty great! Feel free to add your own variations. Different cheeses, meats, spices/herbs, etc. Here’s the standard recipe you can make on Sunday and have an on-the-go breakfast throughout the week.


“Egg McMuffins”

Adapted from: The Yummy Life

  • 6 large eggs
  • 6 100% whole wheat english muffins
  • 6 slices canadian bacon or 6 coked turkey sausage patties
  • 6 slices reduced-fat, sliced cheddar cheese
  • Ground black pepper

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Using a lightly greased jumbo muffin pan, or 6 ramekins, add the eggs one by one. Once in the pan, using a knife or fork, break the yolk of the egg so it slightly spread among the egg white. Add a dash of ground black pepper to each egg.


Bake the eggs for 10-15 minutes, until the egg is set and there is very little wiggle. Let the eggs cool completely.

Once the eggs are cooled, assemble the sandwiches by slicing the english muffin in half. Add a slice of cheese to each muffin, folding the corners of the cheese to make sure little cheese hangs over the edge. Add the cooked (cooled) meat and place the cooled egg on top. Lastly, wrap each sandwich in parchment paper or wax paper, place in a freezer bag, and freeze.


To Reheat: If thawed, microwave 35-45 seconds on high power. If frozen, microwave for 3 minutes on 50% power, rotating the sandwich every 30 seconds.

Enjoy your healthy “Egg McMuffin”!


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