5 Wedding Things I Would Do Again

Happy Father’s Day! What a special weekend this was for us. On Friday we celebrated my dad’s birthday, and today is our 1 year anniversary & Father’s Day! We have so many things to be thankful and are truly blessed.

We decided to celebrate our anniversary yesterday, on the 15th, so we could make sure we spent some time with my dad for Father’s Day. Unfortunately, my husband’s parents live pretty far away and we weren’t able to ask off enough time from work to make it up there to celebrate. But since our wedding last year fell on Father’s Day weekend, needless to say, the day didn’t end up being dedicated to Dad as it should have been. That’s why we decided to make sure we dedicated the day this year.

Yesterday we celebrated by getting the same cake we had for our wedding. Yes, we know…you are supposed to save the top of the cake, freeze it, let it accumulate freezer burn throughout the year, and then enjoy consume it for your 1st anniversary. But we decided last year after we came back from our honeymoon that our cake was waaaaaayyy to good to let that happen. So yeah, we definitely ate it within the week of coming home from our honeymoon. Who wouldn’t want a fresh cake anyway? Yeah, that’s what we thought. Check this cake out…it’s amazing!


Ah huh, that’s cheesecake in the middle of chocolate buttercream and marble cake. I knew you would understand.


We also celebrated by heading to Bel Air Cantina in Milwaukee. We didn’t want an expensive, fancy restaurant. We enjoy those sometimes, but they really aren’t us at all. So we enjoyed some wonderful guacamole, tacos, sangria, and the best margarita my husband says he’s ever had!


Throughout the day we were reminded of our amazing wedding last year. After thinking about it, I wouldn’t do anything different in planning or the day of, but if I had to pick 5 things I would make sure we did again, this is what I would recommend…

1. Remember it’s your day. There were many times when I wanted to make sure everyone was happy or make sure I was doing something the way it was supposed to be done. Then after a little bit of planning I finally just told myself that I was going to do what I wanted. I have an amazing group of friends from college. I wanted every single one of them to be apart of the wedding party but frankly, my husband didn’t have enough guys to add more bridesmaids. So I added 3 personal attendants. Did I need 3 personal attendants? Did I even need one? Absolutely not, but I wanted those 3 girls with me every step of the way. When I pictured my wedding day, I imagined all of my friends there enjoying every second alongside me and my husband. To this day, I wish that I could have had even more girls up there, but I extended my wedding party because it was important to me. So remember to do what you want. What other people thinks doesn’t matter.

2. Going on a honeymoon–wherever it is you want to go. My husband and I are both students and no doubt have lots of student loans. But we both work really hard all year long and never really just get away. The one thing I wanted was to go somewhere with a beach for a honeymoon. And that’s what I wanted. I heard from some people that I should postpone the honeymoon until we could afford it or go somewhere closer to save money. But I knew if we postponed, we would never go. So we booked that trip to an all-inclusive Jamaican resort. It was worth every penny. If it is what you want bad enough, you’ll make it work…even if it means picking up as many extra shifts at work to make up for it!

3. Leave for your honeymoon on a Tuesday. We got married on a Saturday, had a gift opening on Sunday morning, and had the rest of Sunday and Monday to recover from the weekend. It was so awesome to relax a little bit rather than rushing to get to the airport right away. Additionally, flights are usually cheaper on Tuesdays and the resort stay starting on Tuesday was a lot cheaper than Sunday. The money we saved by leaving on Tuesday allowed us to upgrade our room at the resort for the same price as leaving on a Sunday. Other couples I talked to who left immediately for their honeymoon were pretty jealous of our decision–they said they were so tired their first two days were spent sleeping anyway. If you can make it work with your work schedule…leave on a the Tuesday after. Plus, you get to push the wedding festivities a few more days out. 🙂

4. Casual rehearsal dinner that includes close family & friends. Traditionally the rehearsal dinner is for the bridal party the night before the wedding. We decided to do what my brother and his wife did and have a casual dinner at my parent’s house after the rehearsal. We invited of course the bridal party, but close family & friends who may or may not live in the area. Living 6+ hours away from my husband’s hometown leaves us only seeing some of his friends and family a handful of times each year. With the casual dinner, we were able to see and talk to a lot of people, especially those we don’t see much. The night of your wedding, there is never enough time to talk to as many people as you would like, but this way we were able to see more people and feel less guilty about the time we spent going around the room at the reception. We roasted a pig and had close friends bring a dish to pass. It was a great time!

5. Eat your anniversary cake, right away! Haha, as I mentioned earlier, we ate our cake after the honeymoon. I can tell you today that it was totally worth it! We didn’t have that cake sitting in the freezer for a year and the fresh cake is probably 10x better than any frozen cake.



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